Health Approach

We start with the end in mind— your best health.

This is the health that you need.

The goal is for you to live the life you want.

It starts with you. You are the captain and we are the navigators.  Please know that we are passionate navigators. We will absolutely share thoughts and concerns.  However, the navigators only exist because of the will of the captain.  You will tell us and we want to know.  What should we focus on, so that in a week and in a year, we can look back and say that was a great consult?

There are three steps for your best health and best life.  This is about taking from traditional wisdom and leading science to connect to your best health.


Comprehensive Assessments


Focus on Opportunities


Integrate into Daily Life

The first step is awareness and insight about our health.  This comes from comprehensive assessments.  We use the best of science and collective experience.   We are rooted in traditional wisdom and grown in science.

Note: Most of modern medicine is focused on physical health. We will absolutely honor this.  It is important to point out that you are not only physical. Health is also mental, emotional and spiritual. We are our bodies… and we are our thoughts, our feeling and our desire to feel connected.  When aligned together, this is optimal health and the life that you want to live.

The second step is to set intentions.  This comes naturally from a comprehensive assessment.  We will highlight the health that you have and build on this.  And we will highlight the opportunities to address any concerns or borderline results.  Together we will prioritize these.

The third step is integration.  Best health comes from putting insights and intention into action.  We will partner with you.  With ongoing communication and assessments, we will connect you to your best health.  The goal is for you to live the life that you want.