Sleep Health

Sleep is key to best health and healing.  You can’t be your best self and have your best health if you don’t sleep well.  Many of us think of sleep as an afterthought or luxury when it comes to health. The science and research are very clear. Sleep has significant impact on health.  Poor sleep can impact your physical health, worsen mood, exacerbate anxiety and depression and negatively impact your immune response.  Sleep Health  offers both assessment and plan for you to get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up to live the life you want.  Sleep Health consultations  will:

  • Review your sleep history
  • Assess your physical health along with mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • Discuss your cardiac, pulmonary, immune, digestive, cognitive and mental health history
  • Conduct a home sleep test, if necessary, and review the results
  • Talk about current treatments and approaches
  • Learn how to incorporate things like meditation and mindfulness into your sleep routine
  • Review medicines and supplements
  • Create a detailed, personalized plan of care and follow up care